• Matt's Mom: Why is Paige stressed?
  • Matt: Why do you think? Her mom is a mega bitch and her dad has freakin' cancer!
  • omg lolololol
  • make-m-e-m-0-r-i-e-s-deactivate: ok, this might sound weird, but i wanna thank you. i was looking through your pictures cause i stumbled upon your page, and i saw how pretty you are. and your not one of those completely underweight girls, all tan with long blond hair. thank you for showing me i dont have to look like that to be gorgeous. i now have so much more self confidence. your gorgeous x

    Oh, my gosh. 
    You made my day. I didn’t think that my blog would positively effect someone. I’m so glad it did. You should be confident. Honey, you’re gorgeous and i mean that. <3